Mazda6 Windshield Replacement at Berge Mazda near Gilbert, AZ 85233
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Mazda6 Windshield Replacement at Berge Mazda near Gilbert 85233

Whether it was a pebble on the highway that put a crack in your windshield, or a fallen tree branch shattered it, a windshield replacement for your Mazda6 at Berge Mazda near Gilbert 85233 makes it easy for you. Our efficient and experience Service Department has years of training and practice fixing vehicles, and we would love to help you get back on the road in no time.

You can’t drive with a broken windshield, and it’s important to know that the fixes that are being made will hold up in the long-term. That’s where our courteous and experienced service staff comes in. They’ll walk you through all of the repairs being made, so you can feel confident in our work. If you have just a small crack on your windshield, there’s a chance that we can simply fill it in and not have to replace the entire windshield. Whenever possible, we’re looking for the way to fix you up while saving you time and money, without sacrificing quality.

For our expert mechanics, a Mazda6 windshield replacement at Berge Mazda near Gilbert 85233 is a pretty simple fix. First, we’ll remove any plastic or metal moldings around the edge of the windshield. After all is clear, we’ll cut out the urethane that keeps the windshield in place and remove the windshield in its entirety. Our mechanics will make sure there isn’t any rust, dirt or debris around the edges before putting a new glass windshield on your vehicle. Once it’s in place, urethane adhesive is dispensed on and begins to set. From there, you’ll be back on the road in only a matter of hours as the adhesive resets in place!

When you come to Berge Mazda near Gilbert 85233, you won’t have to choose between competitive prices and excellent service – we offer both! Our technicians have years of experience to help ease some of the anxiety of getting your car worked on. We understand how much you care about your car, and that’s why we put in the same devotion and dedication into every repair that we make. You can schedule a service appointment that fits your hectic schedule right from our website.

Don’t wait any longer when it comes to Mazda6 windshield replacement at Berge Mazda near Gilbert 85233. We will get a new windshield on your vehicle whether you drive a sedan, SUV, truck, or anything in between. We look forward to hearing from you, visit our dealership today!

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